Track and Trace Security

A Versapak (CCBX) is secured and the user scans the barcode printed on a Barcoded T2 Security Seal to log its journey

Being able to track important items such as documentation, goods in transit and cash is vital to our customers.  For this reason, we have developed the highly effective Versapak Tamper Evident sealing system, for the ultimate security.

Versapak security seals ensure that our clients’ goods remain secure and tamper evident when being stored or during the transportation process.

Versapak’s premium security seal the T2 has a unique patented design with an increased printable surface space to allow for easy scanning and readability of barcodes and numbers. It also has two prongs for added security and can printed with unique numbers, barcodes, logos and QR codes.

The Versapak T2 offers you the ultimate level of tamper evidence and traceability.

Monitoring KPIs - the unique numbers and barcodes on our security seals are extremely useful as they enable our clients to measure how effectively they are achieving key business objectives, such as security and service level targets.

Loss Prevention – transporting and storing goods in Versapak tamper evident packaging secured with a printed security seal helps prevent retail stock loss.

RFID – Versapak bags can be fitted with RFID tags to aid logistics and stock management.



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Versapak Small Secure Cash Bag red

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Versapak small mail pouch with gusset in red with address card window on front and a T2 security seal locking mechanism in red

Single Seam Mail Pouch with Gusset (Small)

Versapak medium mail pouch with gusset in blue with address card window on front and a T2 security seal locking mechanism

Single Seam Mail Pouch with Gusset (Medium)

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