Our products can improve the workflow within your company by providing you with efficient ways to store all of your records and files.  Traditional document storage methods often involve big and bulky cardboard boxes.  These boxes can be difficult to lift and carry, and it’s often very time-consuming sorting through them. 

Tamper Evident Products Are Built For Business

We’ve taken both of these elements into account and produced bags that are both easy to locate and safe to carry.  We can offer dual barcode bags that come complete with one barcode on the outside of the bag and one for each of the individual files inside.  This makes locating your documents a much faster process as you simply have to scan the outside of your bag to view its contents.  We have also designed our bags with manual handling in mind.  The size and shape of the bags makes them much easier and safer to carry than traditional document storage boxes.

A History of Providing Tamper Evident Quality

Over the past four decades, we’ve helped various leading companies to improve their document flow systems and make their day-to-day business lives easier.  The UK Border Agency came to us after they noticed a health and safety issue with their existing methods of document transportation.  They were using tote boxes to transport files around the country and locating the boxes was a time consuming process, not only that but the sheer size and volume of the boxes posed manual handling issues.  Our solution of smaller, lightweight bags with a dual barcode feature improved process time, ease of carrying and provided a cost effective, long lasting storage system.

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