Track and Trace

It is vital for our customers to be able to track their cash, important documentation and valuable and sensitive items.  For this reason, we developed the highly effective Versapak tamper evident sealing system. 

Track and Trace Security Seals and More

Versapak security seals ensure that our clients’ goods remain secure and tamper evident during the transportation process.  What’s more, the majority of our Versapak security seals can be printed with unique numbers, barcodes and even logos. This enables items to be monitored and traced, regardless of their location.

We have recently developed our most innovative seal yet – the T2 seal.  It has a unique patented design with an increased printable surface space to allow for easy scanning and readability of barcodes and numbers.  It also has two prongs for added security. The T2 offers you the ultimate level of tamper evidence and traceability.

As well as assisting with locating where goods are at all times, the unique numbers and barcodes on our security seals are extremely useful for KPIs as they enable our clients to measure how effectively they are achieving key business objectives.

Our bags can also be fitted with RFID chips.  This method of identification is invaluable to many industries across the globe for tracking, logistics and stock management.  Please contact us for more information. 

Monitoring your goods during transportation has never been so easy.