Environmentally Friendly

Traditional storage methods often involve the use of cardboard boxes.  These boxes are easily damaged when subjected to wear and tear so they cannot be reused continuously.  This results in tonnes of cardboard and paper having to be disposed of or recycled by businesses across the globe. 

How Does Versapak Differ?

Here at Versapak, we have addressed that problem and come up with an environmentally friendly solution.  Our tamper evident bags are ethically created out of recyclable materials and they are built to last.  They can be used up to 2000 times and come with a 5 year guarantee as standard, but don’t be surprised if your Versapak bags last longer.  We have seen well-loved and used bags last as long as 35 years.  This healthy lifespan minimises waste and the need for recycling, helping our customers to put less waste in to the system and do their bit for their environment.

Please contact us so that we can help you save our planet.