Security seals are used in many industries across the globe to provide an indication of tampering and act as a deterrent against unauthorised access. With over forty years experience in tamper evident products, Versapak offers security seals across a range of sectors, notably for airlines, retail businesses, postal couriers and the medical industry.

Versapak offer a wide range of security seals which includes Versapak T2 Seals , Versapak T seals , Versapak Button Seals and Versapak Patented Arrow Seals.

Why Choose Versapak Security Seals?

Versapak’s security seals are made using the highest quality material and are suitable for many purposes. They can be used to protect sensitive documents, cash, medical samples and even security containers. Visit the security seals and locks page for more information.

Click here to watch our video and see how to use our seals.

What Makes Versapak Security Seals Unique?

We are able to provide a number of overprinting options for our seals. We supply numbered seals, logo seals and barcoded seals. Our newest seal the T2 has an increased printable surface space to enable easy scanning and readability of barcodes and numbers.

All Versapak Security Seals are guaranteed against debris build up. The broken part of the seal falls free from the locking house which prevents jamming, prolongs the life of the bag and greatly reduces handling time.

We also supply a range of plastic indicative seals, plastic fixed length seals, plastic pull seals, padlock seals, bolt seals and printed cable ties:

VersaCheck – plastic fixed length security seal used for vehicle doors, tankers and shipping containers
VersaLite – plastic variable length security seal used for fire extinguishers, cash bags and medicine cabinets
VersaLock – plastic variable length security seal used for courier bags, cash bags and security containers
VersaCart – plastic padlock shaped fixed length security seal to fit in the recess of a trolley or container
VersaPull – plastic variable length security seal used for post sacks, cash bags and security containers
VersaTite – plastic variable length security seal with spiky stem for use outside or on slippery items
VersaCab – high security steel cable used to secure high value goods
VersaBolt – high security bolt seal used for shipping containers and freight trucks