Food Delivery & Cold Chain Solutions

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  1. Food Delivery Backpack with Security Seal
    Food Delivery Backpack

    Versapak's food delivery transport backpack is used for the delivery of groceries or meals to the home and is used widely in place of the Food Delivery Carrier as its easier for those riding bicycles or motorcycles.

  2. Versapak Numbered T2 Seals
    Numbered T2 Tamper Evident Security Seals

    Versapak's Numbered T2 security seal is used to secure Versapak's locking chamber, creating a tamper evident closure. It is made completely from returned plastic waste recycled into a new seal and features VersaShield™ Antimicrobial Technology, protecting the seal as well as the locking chamber and zip puller on each Versapak Carrier from the colonisation of bacteria.

  3. Food Delivery Bag
    Food Delivery Carrier

    Versapak's food delivery transport carrier for the delivery of groceries or meals to the home and is ideal for couriers on foot or driving vehicles as it is easy to carry with comfort handles and a shoulder strap.

  4. Carrier Bag for Electronic equipment
    Secure Courier / Messenger Shoulder Carrier

    This robust satchel is used to deliver mail and packages. It is also used by organisations to transport documentation and equipment.

  5. Inflight Thermal Holdall
    Inflight Thermal Holdall

    These Versapak Tamper Evident Inflight Thermal Holdalls were specifically designed for storage of foods, drinks and duty free items for those within the aviation industry.

  6. Versapak Insulated Styrofoam Transport Carrier - Dry Ice
    Insulated Styrofoam Transport Carrier - Dry Ice

    The Versapak Insulated Styrofoam Carrier is used for transporting medical material that needs to be kept frozen using Dry Ice.

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We are Versapak International Ltd and we help businesses store and transport documents and sensitive items. Our reusable and tamper evident bags, cash bags and varied use security seals are used by leading companies in many industries throughout the world.
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