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Delivering fresh food to the home is growing exponentially. Since the worldwide Coronavirus pandemic in 2020, organisations had to quickly adapt to offer the best quality, fresh, hot and cold food; delivered on foot, by bicycle or motorcycle, by car and van. All means are being utilised to accommodate the ever-growing demand. This alternative way of providing provisions to the nation has created an enormous new home delivery sector with the need for Food Delivery Carriers.

Versapak Innovative Food Delivery Carriers

Versapak manufacture secure, insulated, robust food delivery carriers.  Our carriers are made using the highest quality materials.  Not only do they ensure the food inside stays fresh and at the correct temperature, but they also incorporate a unique tamper evident locking mechanism to keep the contents secure.  This gives your customers peace of mind that their food delivery is safe and tamper free, from the restaurant to their door. 


We offer a simple and secure solution which ensures that the food contents cannot be tampered with. Each carrier is equipped with a patented Versapak T2 Security System that accepts a unique, individualised T2 Security Seal. Once placed, there is no way to open the carrier without showing evidence of tampering. Once the seal is broken it cannot be replaced.

Built to Last

Versapak's products are quality made using the best materials which means that they are reusable over 2,000 times, and we assure longevity with our unrivalled 5 Year GuaranteeVersapak Food Delivery Carriers are padded, insulated to maintain the internal temperature of hot and cold food. They are also lightweight and weatherproof, ideal for everyday delivery needs.

Prevents against Infection

Versapak Carriers incorporate VersaShieldAntimicrobial Silver Ion, embedded into the material.  It is proven to kill up to 99% of bacteria within 2 hours. Read more


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Versapak Food Delivery Backpack



All Versapak products can be manufactured in various sizes and colours to suit your needs. We can even print your logos or brand names. Why not ask us for a free quotation.

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