Election Security

inserting a voting slip in a ballot box
Versapak’s Small (BALLOT1) and Large (BALLOT2) tamper evident ballot collection boxes

Versapak’s tamper evident Ballot Boxes and associated products are used worldwide for voting in elections on polling day. They have been developed while closely working with local authorities, councils and presiding officers to create a tamper evident system that collects and stores ballots in the chain-of-custody until they need to be counted.

Why Choose Versapak?

Our ballot boxes have been designed by people experienced in running elections, with election officials and voters in mind. Versapak understands what is needed on polling day and the importance associated with managing the votes securely.

Key Benefits of Ballot Boxes

  • Versapak ballot boxes are suitable for a range of election types, from trade unions to local, elections. From state, even to national elections
  • They are fitted with dual tamper evident lid closures featuring our patented T2 Locking System for Versapak T2 Security Seals
  • The unique design of the ballot boxes' means that they fold completely flat for ease-of-storage
  • There are a wide range of sizes to choose from cater for different individuals
  • We can overprint with your company logo
  • Bespoke sizes and custom-made ballot boxes are also available

Tamper Evident by Design

Using our unique system, a T2 Security Seal is placed in the chamber with a unique identification number or barcode. This gives you confidence that, as long as the seal and number is in place, no-one else has accessed the contents inside.

  1. Patented T2 Seal clicks in place with a push
  2. Large face plate for unique serial/barcode ensures the ‘chain of custody‘
  3. Two legs lock in place of the zip to prevent covert entry
  4. Security seal is 100% Recyclable
  5. Once secured, the items are impossible to access without evidence of tampering.

T2 technical explanation


Use Versapak to maintain the integrity and custody of your items.

Electoral Accessories

In addition to our ballot box and extended Document Security Range, we also offer accessories such as Polling Station signs and Mail Pouches for the transferring of sensitive information within the chain-of-custody. For more information please contact us or visit our frequently asked questions section.


All our products can be manufactured in various sizes and colours to suit your independent needs. We can even print your logos or brand names. Why not ask us for a free quotation.

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