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Coins and cost saved over time
Versapak’s saves company money by replacing the single-use polythene bag wastage.

Our products are designed to help businesses. Not only do we aim to maximise document and goods handling efficiency, but we also set out to make the process as cost effective as possible and there are a number of ways that we do this.

Cost Saving Tamper Evident Products

First and foremost, Versapaks are durable and long lasting.  They can be used up to 2,000 times and are guaranteed to last for a minimum of 5 years. 


If they become damaged within the first five years, we will repair them for free and we will happily repair them after that period for a small charge.  When compared to the alternative of cardboard and paper products, this is an extremely cost effective solution as recycling costs are hugely reduced.  In fact, using our reusable bags can save you up to 90% of the cost of using single use envelopes and boxes continuously.


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Small Cash Bag - Security Seals Bundle (CCB0)

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Small Flat Document Mailing Wallet - Security Seals Bundle (CVF1)

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