Securing Clip - Anti-Spillage Sheets (PYASL)

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Securing Clip - Anti-Spillage Sheets (PYASL)

Securing Clip - Anti-Spillage Sheets (PYASL)

Product Description

The Versapak Secure Clip for anti-spillage liners is used to contain medical items in Versapak's medical carriers according to P650 packing instruction. The instruction uses three levels of containment and the clip and sheet is used for the inner packing material, making the consignment UN3373 compliant.

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Additional Information
  • Anti-spillage liner clip made from durable plastic material
  • Fastens easily with a single clasp in built
  • Clip forms an air tight seal
We are Versapak International Ltd and we help businesses store and transport documents and sensitive items. Our reusable and tamper evident bags, cash bags and varied use security seals are used by leading companies in many industries throughout the world.
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