Security Seals

Tamper Evident Security Seals

Security Seals are used by industries worldwide to provide an indication of tampering and interference, and act as a deterrent against unauthorised access. Versapak offer a wide range of security seals which includes our locking chamber security seals for use with our reusable bags and pouches, as well as plastic pull tie security seals, plastic cart seals, metal security seals, security labels and void labels.

Security Seals are available from stock and ordered in quantities of 1,000. We can also manufacture Security seals with personalised overprinting options, starting at 5,000 seals. We can print, logos, barcodes and QR codes to suit your organisation.

Locking Mechanism Security Seals

For use with Versapak’s tamper evident bags, pouches and carriers, we offer our patented T2 Security Seals, for the ultimate tamper evident security as well as Button, T and Arrow Seals.


Versapak T2 Seals

The T2 is Versapak’s premium security seal and offers the maximum tamper evident security. It has a unique patented design with an increased printable surface space to allow for easy scanning and readability of barcodes and numbers. It is antimicrobial to help prevent infection and has two prongs for added security. The T2 offers you the ultimate level of tamper evidence and traceability. It is available plain, numbered, personalised, and barcoded in a choice of colours.

T2 SealsT2 Locking Mechanism

Versapak T Seal


The two-pronged design makes them more secure than other plastic seals on the market. They are available plain, numbered, printed or barcoded, and in a variety of colours.

T Locking MechanismT Seal

Versapak Genuine Button Seal


Available in a range of colours, the button seal can be overprinted with unique security numbers, company name or logo.

Button Locking MechanismButton Seal

Versapak Arrow Seal


We designed the arrow seal for use with secure bags and pouches that have been fitted with the arrow style sealing system. Plain or numbered the arrow seal is also available in a range of colours.

Arrow Locking MechanismArrow Seal

Made from Recycled Material and 100% recyclable

Sustainability is one of our core values at Versapak and we are proud that our locking mechanism security seals are made from recycled plastic material. Please click here to read our certificate of conformity.

Recycle Your Seals

Versapak Recycle Your Seals Scheme


Versapak's 'Recycle Your Seals' campaign is free to join and it’s easy too. Let us know you want to participate, and we'll send you a free collecting bag. Put all your used security seals in the bag and when it is full post it back to us using the freepost address provided.

When we receive your security seals, we will record how much plastic waste you have recycled and return the bag to you. Click here to join the scheme.

Pull Seals and Security Stickers

As well as our range of locking mechanism seals we also supply a range of pull seals and security stickers which can be used for various applications including the sealing of fire extinguishers, medical equipment, security containers and vehicle doors. Please click on the following links to see more, plastic security seals, metal security seals and security labels.


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T2 Security Seals (Personalised)

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T2 Security Seals (Barcoded)

T2 Security Seals (Barcoded)

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T2 Security Seals (QR Code)

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