Our Product Range and Benefits

At Versapak, we manufacturer quality made, security and medical carriers that are used in many industries worldwide for their tamper evident requirements.

We've been making products since 1973 which help organisations and industries secure products in a tamper evident manner. The are produced in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit our customers needs while our core range consists of the following.

While solutions differ in their execution, we pride ourselves on key features found consistently across all our products, that embody everything we make. They include our patented Tamper Evident design, our unrivalled 5 year Guarantee and the fact that our products can be reused over 2,000 times. All these benefits are the foundation of a quality made Versapak product. Moreover, our knowledge and experience in the medical sector have allowed us to pioneer antimicrobial technology, long lasting thermal insulation and our compliance to UN3373 & P650 guidelines. Learn more about each individual feature.


Benefits Explained


5 Year Guarantee Icon


5 Year Guarantee

All Versapak Wallets, Pouches and Holdalls are made using strong, durable materials, manufactured in our own factory where quality control is rigorously checked and assured. That way we can be confident to offer our customers a 5 Year Guarantee on all our Versapaks. If for any reason your product does suffer a manufacturing fault outside of the normal wear-and-tear, we would happily repair or replace so that you always have peace-of-mind about your security requirements.


Reusable Over 2,000 Times


Reusable Over 2,000 Times

Through our extended lifetime testing, we've proved that our products last more than 2,000 uses. Additionally, the durability of the Versapak material and the added quality of our design and manufacturing mean that our products just keep on going and going.


Peace of Mind


Tamper Evident Peace-of-Mind

Versapak make Tamper Evident solutions. It is one of our core values and we have been doing this since 1973. So when you buy a Versapak, you are not only buying the most up-to-date tamper evident technology, you are buying decade's of tried, tested and best practice security known as the 'Chain-Of-Custody'. Make sure your sensitive or valuable possessions are locked-up with our patented T2 Security Seal for the ultimate tamper evident security.


UN3373 logo


UN3373 & P650 Compliant

Versapaks are designed to adhere to the guidelines as set-out by the UN for moving Category B, Biological Substances. You need to seal the Versapak to be compliant with P650 instructions. So whether you're moving specimen or blood samples, you can be sure we have certified medical carry solutions for you.




Infection Prevention Technology

VersaShield™ is an Antimicrobial, Silver-Ion based technology that is embedded into the Nylon PVC material of Versapak's bearing this symbol. It is designed to eliminated bacteria that can build-up on the surfaces of bags and pouches, quickly and effectively. With the prevalence of suberbugs such as MRSA, E-coli, Versapaks with VersaShield reduces the infection based on cross-contamination, now and for the lifetime of the carrier.


Temperature Technology


Temperature Technology

Thanks to the temperature technology featured in our insulated medical carriers, the temperature of specimen and vaccinations, that would typically be susceptible to thermal conditions, will be maintained in our carriers. The thermal properties of an insulated Versapak have been independently tested and proven to last more than 12 hours in our medical carriers. So whether you need to keep contents acclimatised or cooled with freeze packs, the Versapak Insulated Carriers will see you through the day.


TUV tested logo


TUV Tested & Certified

Our Versapaks have been independently tested by world renowned, TUV Testing Packaging Safety and Security evaluators. Our products were subject to rigorous tests to prove their physical, thermal and protective conditions. For example, our medical carriers can withstand a 1.2m drop and still protect the contents inside.





We pride ourselves on the ability to manufacture, to your needs. If you have a specific print, dimensions or bespoke design for your project, we can help you with a fast and reliable proposal based on our designs. You can order your project with just a minimum order quantity of 20 pieces. Contact us now for a free quote.


Colour Swatch


Additional Colours Available

In addition to a customised design, we can offer additional colours on many of our core or specially designed products. We have a large inventory of coloured materials to produce from and can source even more. Just talk to a member of our happy, helpful sales team and we can provide an estimation on the time to source and produce.

We are Versapak International Ltd and we help businesses store and transport documents and sensitive items. Our reusable and tamper evident bags, cash bags and varied use security seals are used by leading companies in many industries throughout the world.
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