What You Can Do To Beat Plastic Pollution

What You Can Do To Beat Plastic Pollution

World environment day may have taken place on the 5th June, but we’re still practicing sustainable initiatives at Versapak - and you can too!

Did you know?

According to Gov.uk nearly 1 million plastic drinking bottles around the world are purchased every minute, and 50% of the plastic we use is single use.

Plastic is made from petroleum and so by recycling 25,000 bottles (1 tonne), we can save the equivalent of 1,000-2,000 gallons of gasoline.

What you can do

We recommend cutting down on your use of single-use plastics and opt for materials or products that promote the planet’s well-being!

Be sure to also make use of recycling bins at the workplace but also at home and familiarise yourself with the correct contents for each, although recycling is best collected at the latter – so try and take your plastics home with you.

What Versapak is doing

As part of the royal warrant we were originally granted in 2014, Versapak are committed to sustainable initiatives that help the planet.

One of these is the ‘Recycle your Seals’ campaign we introduced recently. Whilst we pride ourselves on the fact that our Tamper-evident bags last up to 2,000 uses, unfortunately the Security Seals which they must be used with to seal the bag are single-use. However, fear not! We now offer a recycling service. Simply let us know if you wish to participate and we’ll send you a free collecting bag with freepost address. Once you’ve amassed enough used seals, return the bag and we can recycle these into useful items such as rulers and cups for local schools and communities.