Versapak supply pull seals to V Ships

Versapak supply pull seals to V Ships

V Ships manages freight transport vessels around the world. They are responsible for the security, maintenance, cleaning and engineering and for meeting international shipping regulations.

They asked Versapak for advice on what seals would work best to monitor the cleaning and maintenance of their wastewater onboard. As part of the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships (MARPOL), V Ships must seal the engine room, break the seal for cleaning and maintenance and then reseal the room, noting the seal numbers and the work done.

We considered their process and sent them a range of pull seals to review. They placed an order for our VersaLock pull seals, which they then tested onboard. V ships found that the Versapak seals were perfect for their needs and placed an initial order for 20,000 seals.

We are now a regular supplier of seals to V Ships. Versapak not only supplies seals to V Ships, but delivers them to ports all over the world in order to meet the vessels when they arrive. If the seals were not delivered on time, this would have a dramatic effect on V Ship’s ability to meet regulations. What made Versapak so important to this process were the quality of our products, our experience of using seals in the field and our quick and efficient delivery process. We continue to supply V Ships with thousands of seals every year.

Information about V Group

V.Group is the world’s largest Technical Ship Manager and also provides high quality technical, engineering, consulting, inspection, testing and maintenance support services.