Versapak ‘Recycle Your Seals’ Scheme Nominated for Award

Versapak ‘Recycle Your Seals’ Scheme Nominated for Award

The Versapak Group were proud to be nominated as finalists at the Excellence in Recycling and Waste management awards, within the Plastics recycling Business of the Year category

A celebration of sustainability at the Landmark Hotel, London

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Placed amongst Bywaters Ltd (the winners) and Aylesbury granulation, Versapak were featured in this category thanks to our highly coveted ‘Recycle Your Seals’ scheme.

As a trusted manufacturer of Tamper Evident bags for over 45 years, our seals were typically discarded after one single use and treated as general waste which was then sent to landfill. In early 2017, Versapak decided it would embark on an effort to reduce its impact from supply of its own single use, plastic security seals and in November 2017, the recycling scheme was born.  It offered our customers the chance to send back their used security seals to Versapak. We would then recycle these and return the bag back to the customer and the process repeats. This initiative was heralded by our customers and the take-up has been significant.  In addition, the scheme supported our wider sustainability effort, a cornerstone also to the renewal of our Royal Warrant, as well as liking ourselves to the voice of critical authority in the sustainability field – having written on various relevant topics such as the recycling asterisk*, Oxo-biodegradable plastic, excessive plastic usage, Recycling week 2018, Beating Plastic Pollution and Sustainability at Versapak – to name a few!

Some months ago, our (then) Marketing Executive applied to the awards for excellence with this scheme, and we were delighted to learn that we’d been shortlisted as a finalist.

The Marketing department represented the group on Thursday 9th May at London’s Landmark Hotel in Marylebone. Following a sit-down meal and talks with delegates from the company sponsor (CCIC) The awards ceremony was hosted by MasterChef’s Gregg Wallace – who expressed the need to do more for the planet with the announcement of his third child on the way.

Whilst we didn’t come home with any plaques or silverware, it was incredibly humbling to be sat in a room with delegates from a wide array of organisations who are each making a conscious effort to pull their weight be that by offsetting their carbon footprint or by taking accountability with their recycling/sustainability efforts.

The Versapak ‘Recycle Your Seals’ scheme is still in its’ infancy, although if you’d like to learn more about the scheme then take a read or alternatively, if you’d like to enquire about joining, please do so by getting in touch with someone, here.

Image of main banquet hall Inside the Landmark Hotel