Versapak provide environmentally friendly packaging for a children’s clothing rental service

Versapak provide environmentally friendly packaging for a children’s clothing rental service

thelittleloop is a unique and innovative children’s clothing rental service whose aim is to save money, save time and save the planet. 

They needed a secure, environmentally friendly packaging to send their product in the post.

The Challenge

thelittleloop rent branded children’s clothes to parents for their children to wear.  When the children have grown out of the clothes, they send them back to swap for larger sizes.  thelittleloop approached Versapak as they needed a carrier to transport clothes to their customer and back again.

The Solution

Versapak worked closely with thelittleloop to understand exactly what they were trying to achieve and discussed potential products to suit their requirements.

Versapak recommended the Single Seam Mailing Pouch from their range, as this provided the perfect solution. It has all the benefits of more commonly used single-use packaging, except it is reusable over 2,000 times which means that it is cost-effective and supports thelittleloops aim to save the planet.

It is a high-quality and hard-wearing carrier able to withstand many journeys through the postal system. Versapak manufacture all carriers themselves which means that they can offer a completely tailored solution to meet their customers’ exact needs. Versapak offer a large variety of material colours as well as over-printing options. thelittleloop chose a bright green carrier to catch the eye of their young recipients and the carrier is branded with their company logo.

The final part of the project was ensuring that the garments inside each carrier would reach thelittleloop's customers in perfect condition and free from tampering. Versapak’s carrier features a tamper evident locking system which when sealed using a unique T2 security seal ensures that the contents remain secure. thelittleloop sends a spare T2 security seal inside the bag for the customer to use when sending the items back.

The Result

“I am delighted with the carriers that Versapak manufactured for us and they are working well for our rental service. Our customers absolutely love them, and I've been asked by several other rental businesses where we source them from.” Charlotte Morley, Founder, thelittleloop.

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