Versapak Milk Storage & Carriers. As seen on the BBC

Versapak Milk Storage & Carriers.  As seen on the BBC

In a featured report by the BBC, donated breast milk for premature babies is a lifesaver.  Thanks to the charity 'Hearts Milk Bank', volunteers deliver supplies to struggling mums.  Versapak provide the Milk Bank Carriers for storage and transportation adhering to the NICE guidelines.  Read more.

Human Donor Milk help premature and sick babies

Hearts Milk Bank is a charitable foundation providing a new approach to the provision of milk bank services so that every baby has the access to human milk, across London and the Southeast.  Their vision is to "provide support to families, researchers, and breastfeeding through the wider availability of screened donor milk, and work with milk banks across the UK to create gold standards of safety and efficiency".  Versapak support Hearts Milk Bank by supplying quality, reusable carriers that maintain the temperature of milk during transportation.  They are sealed with our patented tamper evident security seal so that the receiver has peace of mind that no one else has accessed or tainted the contents from the delivery source.  See our Human Milk Transportation Carriers here.

Hearts Milk Bank were recently featured on the BBC, and we would like to help share their efforts and support them on the journey to care for even more babies in need.  Watch Yuri's video:


Donate now

If you want to help Hearts Milk Bank, donate now and help them continue the good work that saves the lives little ones, for years to come.