Versapak's Latest Investment in Manufacturing Capacity

Versapak's Latest Investment in Manufacturing Capacity

Versapak International’s latest investment in manufacturing capacity saw the recent delivery of an Engel Victory 120 to its Erith HQ.

This expansion continues the group’s long tradition of ambitious growth, through the application of sustainable yet innovative manufacturing technology.

Engel describe the Victory 120 as ‘flexible, energy-efficient and reliable’ and a proven all-rounder among injection moulding machines’ being ‘extremely well suited for producing many different technically complex parts of the highest quality’.

Versapak will initially utilise the Victory’s proven, highly efficient, tie-bar-less technology across its wide range of unique security seals all of which are manufactured using recycled plastic, with antimicrobial protection added at the injection moulding stage, all expertly managed by the Engel.
Including a novel system to recycle process waste, Versapak’s moulding process has excellent sustainability credentials and can help with your green initiatives.

Sign up to the 'Reycle Your Seals' scheme with us here.

For the technology connoisseurs, the tie-bar-less and flexible modular system make the Victory range. For more technological details there is an annotated diagram of the machine below:

Engel Diagram


For more details of our wide range of unique Security Seals please click below:

Versapak Security Seals

We were fascinated by the installation process which our engineering team turned into an engaging time lapse video.


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