Vaccine best practises, tips and tricks this Flu Season

Vaccine best practises, tips and tricks this Flu Season

September to December means autumn and Christmas for some, but if you work in medical, it’ll have a different meaning for you: The Flu Season!

The flu season

With the flu vaccine still being the best protection against illness, we compiled this article to spread awareness about ways to improve outcomes during the notorious influenza season.

Proteins belonging to the bacteria can change each year to evade the immune system, and that’s why there’s a constant need for different flu shots as each season draws upon us. Their evasive manoeuvres keep our NHS guessing (and certainly busy!) – Which is why we help them where we can!

With a universal flu vaccine being worked on, those at the highest risk are in need of it the most. Whilst Versapak looks after the elderly and those who require assisted living with our new Red Bag Scheme, a universal solution is indeed required to ensure pregnant women, carers and health workers (those who face the highest risk along with the elderly) are prepared to fight off the flu.

Vaccine storage and handling

To ensure the potency remains effective, proper handling and storage of vaccines is imperative. Therefore, you’ll be pleased to learn that Versapak Vaccine Carriers are fitted with thinsulate™ insulation to keep contents at the same temperature for up to 6 hours – and what’s more, these bags (along with our other medical products) are now available with an antimicrobial technology, preventing cross-contamination of bacteria. 

Best practices, Tips and tricks

We would recommend opening your Vaccine Carrier as infrequently as possible, for example, removing the number of vials according to your patient list rather than opening and closing for each one. Opening and closing regularly would affect temperature significantly and this can then lead to the vaccines losing potency and becoming unusable. Furthermore, Versapak freeze boards are able to help with this problem. Simply sliding into the carrier’s internal mesh nets, these can help keep the vaccines cooler for longer, particularly when opening and shutting the bags. Try using two freezeboards in our medium and large carriers to achieve the best possible solution.

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