The Versapak Red bag

The Versapak Red bag

A simple idea that makes a big difference: The Versapak Red Bag.

The Hospital Pathway Medical Transfer Bag

Pioneered in Sutton, Surrey just over 3 years ago, The Red Bag Scheme was created for a constrained NHS medical service. The Hospital Transfer Pathway bag fulfils the requirements of the NICE Guidelines (NG27), and is essentially a hard-wearing, durable bag that can transfer standardised medical information, medication and personal property.

Who does the scheme look to serve?

Regarding the end consumer, this scheme was made with those who require assisted living, have mental health issues and the elderly, ensuring that these key groups get the right care, in the right place, at the right time.

The benefits

The scheme offers reassurance to patients and quicker access to integral information for medical staff that helps reduce unnecessary phone calls and pursuit of information that could have been made easily available on admittance to hospital. The integration with hospitals, care homes, ambulance crews and patients can optimise current operations, and, as felt by Minister for Care, Caroline Dinenage,

“The scheme is an excellent example of the NHS and social care system working together to improve care and support for vulnerable older patients”.

Jason Morris, a Clinical team leader at London Ambulance Service in the St Helier area, felt that the service is much more patient-centric, and that because the paperwork is standardised for every patient, the handover to the ambulance crew is much more efficient.

Making current medical services more efficient and cost-effective is a priority to the NHS and creating stronger synergies between these stakeholders is crucial too - but what are the other benefits?

Advantages include a reduced waiting time in Accident & Emergency within hospitals, but also speeding up a patients stay in hospital (for the right reason!). Sutton’s Red bag roll-out reduces stays by 3-4 days and has saved the NHS an annual cost of £160,000 during its trial. Moreover, the number of bed days is reduced which, again, helps to further reduce the strain these medical organisations face. Further cost savings can be appreciated by avoiding the loss of patient’s personal items which accounted for a cost of £290,000 per year.

It’s worth knowing that there are currently half a million more people aged over 75 than there were in 2010 – and there’ll be two million more in ten years’ time. With this same group also spending more on ill-health than ever before, this scheme is future-proofing medical organisations to enable them to better cope with the growing demands.

What sets the Versapak Red Bag Scheme apart from others?

Versapak has been the world’s leading manufacturer of Tamper Evident Bags and Security Seals since 1973, and has extensive experience in working with the medical industry. As such, our expertise within this field has earned us long-term contracts with the NHS and various other worldwide medical establishments – but what sets us apart from our Red Bag competitors?

Being the only Red Bag on the market that implements tamper-evident technology, our Red Bags deter concerns over the packed belongings. With the Tamper Evident seal in place, care home personnel and emergency services staff can rest assured that the bag is complete with all the items and ready to be taken to the hospital. A unique serial number can be recorded to track the chain of custody and ensure peace-of-mind for CCG’s.

Our Red Bags incorporate Antimicrobial technology by BioCote ©, ideal when moving bags from potentially infected surroundings into a hospital environment, as they actively reduce the colonisation of bacteria such as MRSA and E.coli, that could build up on the surface of the bag.

Versapak Red Bags come with a 5 YEAR GUARANTEE and what’s more, our bags currently costs less than the nearest competitors. We appreciate that the NHS, CCG’s and other medical organisations all face vociferous strains on budgets, so when buying a Versapak Red Bag, you’ll have more money for the things that matter.

For more details of Versapak’s Red Bag, be sure to check out our Red Bag case study, here. 

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