Saving money for Christmas/The festive season

Saving money for Christmas/The festive season

September 16th saw us 100 days from Christmas so we at Versapak thought it’d be best to compile a short blog how best to save your pennies in the run up to the (more often than not) very expensive Christmas period.

With help from the likes of MoneyAdviceService and MoneySavingExpert we’ve compiled some quick and easy-to-remember tips to ensure you don’t financially over-indulge this Christmas.

He’s making a list – and checking it twice: avoiding impulse shopping

We all know how easy it is to get lured into deals from sellers. How many times have you gone to get the necessities and come out with things you found you didn’t really need at all? Just like Father Christmas makes a list and checks it twice, you should emulate this with your Christmas shopping lists

Write your list in advance and stick to it. Like procurement, you need to treat the trip like a military operation. Highly efficient and having completed the objective in less than 10 minutes. Your bank account will thank you for it.

Paper cards were so last year!

Save yourself time and money by choosing to opt for an eCard this Christmas. Sure, close relatives such as grandparents may appreciate a hand-written card but for everyone else you should definitely consider this option. We suggest PaperlossPost but if you’re feeling super festive, why not consider opting for an eCard from your charity of choice such as Marie Curie or Macmillan. Not only will this save you money but you can rest well knowing that you’re doing your bit for the planet! (Just like us with our Recycle Your Seals campaign!)

A cracker of a deal in January

As the financially savvy among you will already know, there are great savings to be had on simply buying next year’s Christmas decorations (think wrapping paper and Christmas crackers) in January! Remember how just after Easter supermarkets heavily reduce the cost of chocolate eggs? The same applies here. Sure it can be a pain storing these items for 11 months, but in the long run it all helps with your saving efforts! On the flipside, keep in mind that Tamper Evident items for your organisation such as electoral, medical, retail or banking reusable pouches and products will be cheaper towards the end of November for Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

Minimising theft from seasonal/temp employees

If you’re a business owner you’ll already be VERY aware of this. As argued by Pinkerton, whether it’s on the sales floor, in a warehouse or handling returns, employees have easy access to valuable inventory, creating temptation to steal. Why not consider purchasing a Versapak Secure Cash Bag to store money over this period. With a Tamper Evident locking house, the bags are secured with Security Seals and can offer you peace of mind over this opportune (yet equally risky!) period.

Have any more tips for us? Share them with us on our twitter or if you’d like to get in touch about ordering your own custom-made Secure cash bags, you can contact us, here