Excessive plastic usage was SO 2018

Excessive plastic usage was SO 2018

Recycling is everyone’s responsibility, so make yourself accountable and learn how you can help

21 days

If a surfer can bully his dad (and consequently the chain of Iceland supermarkets) into banning plastic, so too can you do your bit for the environment. If we’re to believe that habits are formed after 21 days, then you can set yourself the goal of reducing plastic usage in both your personal and working spheres for the coming year.

Supposedly, the 21 day rule works like this: you set a goal and stick to it for 21 days. From here, you’ve formed a new habit, and are likely to stick to this for another 90 days after the initial 21. We’re not suggesting you completely abolish plastic usage as such a notion would be radical, inconvenient and a downright pain. But with new research suggesting that so called ‘bags for life’ contain more plastic than single-use carrier bags, it would appear that we’ve taken one step forward, two steps back.

So what can you do to help?

If you’re partial to a Costa, Nero or Starbucks, invest in a reusable cup. Such cafes typically offer initiatives like money off your hot drink. Over the course of a few drinks in your reusable cup, you can easily make your money back. What’s more is that you can reduce plastic from lids as well as the cups (which fuse card and plastic) themselves.

We’d also recommend that you start using a reusable produce bag for your shopping and aim to steadily steer clear of single-use carrier bags. You should also aim to be mindful of plastic packaging when shopping as every little bit helps.

Can I Recycle my used PLASTIC Versapak Security Seals?

If you use Versapak Security Seals in your business, you’ll be happy to know that your used seals can be recycled via our recycling initiative, and whilst the big guys like Walkers have only just got on board with recycling their plastics, we’ve been running our scheme (with great success!) for a few months now. But how does it work, we hear you ask? Simply get in touch with us today to request your free postage-paid Versapak bag. We’ll send you one out and once received, you can save up your used seals before sending them back to our UK office for free!

Be realistic

Ultimately, it would be wise to set yourself goals that challenge you but are realistic at the same time. Recycling is everyone’s responsibility, so it’s high time we started acting like it!

As always, if you’d like to get in touch with us or learn some more about the Recycle Your Seals scheme, please get in touch, here.