Recycling week 2018

Recycling week 2018

Recycling week 2018 has rolled around again, so make sure you’re clued up on the best practises for the last R in the notorious ‘reducing, reusing and recycling’ phrase!

24th-28th September 2018: Recycling Week

Recycling week is here! The people at RecycleNow have been bracing for this annual weekly celebration, and whilst we previously spoke about beating plastic pollution, they’ve included some invaluable tips and tricks, so we felt it’d be a disservice to not share these with our valued customers!

Who are RecycleNow?

But before we start… who are RecycleNow? This company are behind the easily recognised recycling swoosh (shown below and also used in this article’s featured image!). They are the national recycling campaign for England. They’re supported and funded by the government, managed by WRAP (The Waste and Resources Action Programme) and are used locally by over 90% of English authorities.

 The RecyclingNow swoosh

Learning more about recycling week

With 79% of all of the plastic waste ever produced still in the envrionment, and as recycleNow put it - if you don't already recycle, now is the time to start. This week is essentially promoting wider use of recycling, but also awareness around correct recycling as 76% of UK households are still adding items for recycling which aren't accepted in their local area. So if you're keen to actively recycle more or already do and are looking to optimise your current process, what can you do?

How you can get involved

The clever people at RecycleNow have created a recycle locator, helping you to recycle not only as much as you can, but as well as you can in terms of recycling correctly! You simply enter your postcode and are shown which waste can go into which bin. They also provide you with the recycling centre contact details and opening hours for your local recycling service county provider – a nifty tool!

Whether you’re new to recycling or would like to simply brush up on your knowledge of the green practice, be sure to check out RecycleNow’s ‘recycling knowledge’ page for articles ranging from recycling around your home and bathroom to facts and information.

What are Versapak doing?

As proud champions of Corporate Social Responsibility, Versapak have recently started meetings across all branches, aiming to encourage all Versapak employees to create a dialogue. This will promote ideas from individuals, such as how they best feel the company could become even greener than the already lovely Versapak green (Pantone 00b140!)

As per our pledge to uphold the values of sustainability in association with our Royal Warrant, we strive to improve our sustainability initiatives year on year – looking to improve energy efficiencies and save the planet when and where we can. One of the ideas that rose up from this was our Recycle Your Seals scheme. Whilst our reusable bags are sustainable by nature, our security seals were not. Jeremy Graham, Group Marketing Manager, gave momentum to the scheme and users can now send back their used security seals to be recycled and turned into useful items such as rulers and cups for local schools and communities. If you’d like to enquire about joining the scheme, please get in touch here.