Q&A with Boutique Hotelier

Q&A with Boutique Hotelier

We spoke to Boutique Hotelier - a magazine for the hospitality industry, to discuss our organisation and how our solutions aid hotels around the world.

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How many people are employed by your company?

Our organisation, headquartered in the United Kingdom, is complemented with offices in Europe and a wholly owned manufacturing facility with over 100 employees. Our company also boasts a worldwide network of distributors, selected for their proficiency in operational security.

How have you grown the company since its launch?

Versapak has established itself as a leader in tamper evident reusable solutions and we deliver double digit growth per annum thanks to our ability to react and innovate within new sectors such as security solutions for protecting personal data, held on lost electronic devices.

What are your core products/services for the hospitality industry?

Within the hospitality industry we are a leading supplier of reusable tamper evident cash bags and document wallets, used when securing sensitive and valuable items in cash offices or lost property. We also manufacture pouches for card reader ‘chip n pin’ devices, till drawers and electronic smart phones or tablets.

What sets your company apart from its competitors?

We are proud holders of a Royal Warrant by appointment to Her Majesty the Queen. This is thanks to our provision of tamper evident bags and security seals to the royal household. We also pride ourselves in our commitment to sustainability, innovation and quality. We offer unrivalled quality control from our materials and manufacturing and offer a 5 year guarantee on our products.

Have you launched any products or services recently?

Versapaks latest pioneering achievement is its most secure locking system, the patented T2 security mechanism. At the heart of this is our T2 seal which is a 21st century technology in the field of tamper evident tracking and security. Its most recent iteration is a seal made purely from recycled material, minimising the impact of plastic-waste in our world. Such innovations lay at the centre of our sustainability strategy which we continue to update and improve.

Is your company involved in any sustainability initiatives?

Versapak is 100% committed to sustainability as part of its 2020 vision. We are increasingly manufacturing from recycled plastics, we also encourage our customers to switch to our solutions rather than use single-use polythene cash bags. A Versapak can be reused over 2,000 times and we calculated that it saves enough single-use plastic waste to cover an entire football field. We are certified with ‘The Planet Mark’ thanks to our efforts to monitor and reduce our carbon footprint and we offset emissions with a rainforest replenishment initiative in collaboration with ‘Cool Earth’.

How does your service or product add value to a hotel’s offering?

We offer unrivalled security and peace of mind when it comes to the movement of cash and documentation as well as the safekeeping of guests’ valuables. There are substantial cost savings by replacing single-use bags, wallets and pouches with reusable equivalents. In a recent testimonial, our customers said they were able to make a 35% cost saving and a 100% environmental saving, thanks to using Versapak. Prestigious customers worldwide are proud to be associated with the Versapak brand, which includes the Royal Seal Coat of Arms, conveying a commitment to world-class quality.

Versapak Cash Bag

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