Join us in celebrating 70 years of the NHS

Join us in celebrating 70 years of the NHS

The UK’s National Health Service (NHS) turns 70 today. This organisation has been an integral part of the United Kingdom for many years, and so it comes as no surprise to learn that it is the country’s largest employer and the 5th largest employer in the world.

The NHS was created by Aneurin Bevan in the 1948 and was built on the principle that the organisation should:

  • meet the needs of everybody
  • Be free at the point of delivery
  • Be based on clinical needs rather than the ability to pay

 ‘The NHS in numbers’

  • Around 23 million people visit their GP or practice nurse every month
  • Staff across the NHS are in contact with more than 1.5 million patients and their families every single day
  • Full-time GPs, or doctors, treat an average of 255 patients a week
  • In 2014/2015 there were 9 million 999 emergency calls made

With the NHS in England treating more than 1.4 million patients every 24 hours, this service requires thorough procurement and constant innovation. Here at Versapak we’ve been proudly supplying the NHS for many years, offering various products from our medical range such as blood-in-transit bags, vaccine carriers and our newly developed Antimicrobial Biocote® bags. To celebrate and show our appreciation on their birthday, we've created some great saving product bundles for £70 so act quickly as you won't want to miss out!

Join us in recognising the countless members of staff who make an immeasurable impact to this country. Thank you, NHS.