How can Versapak be used in the Leisure Industry?

How can Versapak be used in the Leisure Industry?

If you’re looking for solutions to move cash or protect lost property securely, in a tamper evident manner, Versapak will have what you need.

We manufacture quality made, security wallets and pouches that are used in many industries worldwide for their tamper evident requirements.

We've been making products since 1973 which help organisations and industries such as in hospitality, secure products in a tamper evident manner. They are produced in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit our customers’ needs, for example, if you have a need to secure cash, lost property, or other valuable items.

We supply a range of suitable wallets and carry pouches for many different needs. Our cash bags are ideal for securely storing large amounts of cash. The strong, durable woven nylon PVC material is highly secure, robust and water-resistant. We can also provide personal property pouches and padded carriers for larger items. Our tamper evident products are the perfect solution to reducing shrinkage and preventing loss in your organisation. We can even make the product to suit your exact requirements, producing elegant designs at low minimum order quantities.

While solutions differ in their execution, we pride ourselves on key features found consistently across products, that embodies everything we make. They include our patented Tamper Evident design, 5-year Guarantee and 2,000 use claims that are the foundation of a quality made Versapak. Moreover, our knowledge and experience in the medical sector have allowed us to pioneer antimicrobial technology, long lasting thermal insulation which is now available as standard across our entire range!

Versapak is committed to managing the impacts our actions have on the environment and we have designed the Versapak Sustainability strategy that identifies, monitors and improves on how we can affect how we encourage sustainability improvements with our customers, how we implement initiatives with suppliers and how we conduct ourselves internally. Our tamper evident bags are ethically created out of recyclable materials and they are built to last. This healthy lifespan minimises waste and the need for recycling, helping our customers to put less waste in to the system and do their bit for their environment.