4 ways to tidy up your mailroom in 2019

4 ways to tidy up your mailroom in 2019

Clutter in a mailroom just doesn’t work, so here’re 4 ways you can organise yours in 2019

Set a time (and stick to it!)

Establish a time of day where mail organising occurs (listing it at 4pm will ensure that the mailroom is always organised at the end of every working day!). Set a time and stick to it, so that no problems with external communications arise, meaning your staff can rest assured that if they don’t have mail on their desks by a certain time, then it hasn’t arrived!

Invest in mail equipment

Mail equipment and tables must be robust enough to withstand heavy loads for long periods of time. Specialist mailroom furniture can go a really long way in ensuring your business remains operating at optimal efficiency at peak business times. We suggest investing in high quality mailsort units and mailroom furniture.

A designated action mail space

Set up action mail space. Action mail is mail that needs to be taken care of immediately such as bills or responses. By having a designated space for storing such documents, the business is more organised and ultimately efficient.

Correct disposal

No matter what size your company may be, one thing that remains constant is unnecessary mail and sensitive documents that both need to be correctly disposed of. Our final tip to your business is to practise the correct disposal of such documents so that no information (confidential or otherwise) is compromised.

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