Category B Biological Substances (UN3373)

Versapak manufacture UN3373 Medical Carriers
Storing and transporting samples according to UN3373 with Versapak’s compliant Medical Carriers (PYTB)


If your medical organisation or laboratory is in need of products to carry Category B Biological Substances, then Versapak UN3373 compliant Insulated Medical Carriers are just that.  As directed by the Packing Instruction P650, our products can carry these substances when used with a primary and inner packaging liner such as the Versapak Anti-Spillage Liner or Specimen Bags.

Transporting Specimens according to P650 in a Versapak


A brief description of UN3373 & P650

Category B Biological Substances are typically specimens and samples of a biological nature, used as diagnostic substances for the research and development within the clinical laboratories. Where the substances pose a threat, the UN has implemented additional guidelines for the management of infectious diseases and clinical waste, read more information here.


Use Versapak spill liners and absorbent pads


Primary, Inner and Outer Packaging

A Versapak medical carrier forms the outer packaging of the UN3373 compliance.  A primary receptacle is required and usually dictated by the laboratory.  We supply Versapak Medical Carriers in small (6 litre), medium (18 litre) and large (35 litre) internal capacities to suit most laboratory and medical requirements. Anti-spillage liners make-up the inner packaging and are also supplied in small, medium and large sizes to suit carriers. Fastening clips are applied to the liners, preventing further issues with samples leaking inside the outer packaging and finally, you need to place absorbent pads within the liner to soak-up any droplets, ensuring protection and correct procedures are followed. Versapak can provide all you need to be UN3373 compliant including our Versapak patented T2 Seals for closing and locking the medical carrier. You need to seal the carrier to be UN3373 compliant.


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For a complete explanation of the instruction, visit our UN3373 & P650 explained page


For more information please contact us or visit our frequently asked questions section.

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