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London Air Ambualnce uses Versapaks
Providing invaluable tools for emergency services, first responders (BLTD1 Blood Bag & VZ107 Paramedic Carrier)

During a time of crisis, first responders need to know the tools they take to an emergency are complete and in full working order. Versapak Emergency Services Solutions are designed to be dependable when lives are at stake, which means it is even more critical to ensure products and services are complete. Versapak medical carriers are fit-for-purpose and they feature tamper evident security, which give responders peace-of-mind that their carriers are fully packed and ready for the day ahead.

Tamper Evident in a Crisis

When moving blood in an emergency situation, our Blood Bags feature the patented T2 locking mechanism for tamper evident tracking and traceability. Once a Versapak T2 Security Seal is in place, no-one can access the contents of the bag without leaving evidence of tampering.  This is critically important within the chain-of-custody. Knowing whether the blood has been accessed by someone else is vital to the receiver and their accountability to the emergency situation.

Versapak provide a number of solutions, from Blood Bags to Paramedic Backpacks and Paramedic Shoulder Carriers. We also provide the security seals needed to seal carriers in an emergency. By applying the seal in the locking chamber, you create a tamper evident product that ensures the safe custody of the contents that gives you and your colleagues peace-of-mind.

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