Blood-in-Transit Solutions

Storing and transporting blood with Versapak’s (BLTD) Protective Blood-in-Transit Carrier.

At Versapak, we also manufacture Blood-in-Transit medical solutions for the transportation of blood between hospitals and other medical organisations. For example, our Blood Bags are used by Blood Bike couriers across the UK to transport Blood in a tamper evident manner. When Blood is taken and used for transfusion, the receiver needs to be assured that the blood has not been compromised since leaving the provider. The integrity of the blood, its condition, thermal temperature and handling is paramount in-order to save the life of whomever receives it.

Our Versapak Blood Bags are padded and insulated to ensure their integrity and the Thinsulate™ material maintains the internal temperature for up to 12 hours. The tamper evident locking mechanism that we manufacture, shows if anybody has unsealed the bag. All Versapak Blood Bags are UN3373 compliant when bought with our leak-proof anti-spillage liner or specimen bag for the secondary packaging and we also provide clips and absorbent pads for the complete transport solution.

Supporting our Key Workers in a time of crisis

During the Corona Virus Outbreak in 2020, Versapak donated a number of transport carriers to the North East Rider Volunteers Scotland (NERVS) – a charity providing the free transportation of blood and other medicine/treatments during a trying time. Neil Powers, Founder/Chairman of NERVS said “We were astounded to receive the 10 sealable Versapak carriers with T2 security seals as a very kind donation from the team and they have been put to good use already. As a registered charity we rely on the generosity of the public and various businesses to keep our Blood Bike group running, this huge donation by Versapak has gone a long way to help keep our service safe and secure.”

The Right Versapak Blood Bag

Our standard Blood Bags can be ordered from stock. Available as Small (4 litre) or Large (11 litre) sizes with standard outer material made from Nylon PVC or choose Antimicrobial Infection Prevention Technology. Each Blood Bag is provided with Thinsulate™ and also features internal pockets to hold Freeze Boards and Dataloggers. We can also offer a bespoke, customisation service. Choose from a range of different colours or adapt your Versapak Blood Bag to a different size, height, even change the handles. Contact us for a free quote!

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Small Blood-in-Transit Medical Bag

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Insulated Medical Bag with Integrated Thermometer

Insulated Medical Transport Bag - Integrated Thermometer

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