We have extensive experience within the medical industry. During the last couple of decades, our reusable, long-lasting medical bags have provided a reliable and cost effective solution for the transportation and storage of everything from patient medical records to tissue specimens.

Experience in Medical Products Supply

Our expertise within this field has earned us long term contracts with the NHS and various worldwide medical establishments.

Our wide range of medical transportation bags includes insulated bags to transport blood, pathology samples and vaccines as well as storage for patient medical records and protective carriers for delicate instruments. We also manufacture a range of security seals that can protect medicine cabinets, secure ambulance doors and keep controlled drugs safe.

The Versapak medical range has been crafted in consultation with NHS Trusts to ensure that our products meet fully the requirements of P650 for transporting substances assigned to UN3373. Read more here.

As well as our standard range of products, Versapak manufacture custom made bags to meet our customer’s exact requirements. Please click here to see some of the more unique projects that we have worked on.

All Versapak bags are reusable over 2,000 times and come with a five year guarantee. For more information please contact us.