Insulated Temperature Controlled Solutions

Versapak Pathology Sample Carrier

Versapak medical carriers are manufactured with a padded protective insulation and provide laboratories and other medical establishments with a safe and practical way to transport temperature sensitive biological material such as specimen samples. Versapak medical carriers are fitted with an internal pocket to hold a temperature monitoring device to record the internal temperature.  Medical carriers with external temperature displays are also available in our range.

Tested and Approved

Versapak temperature testing of medical carriers

The Versapak medical carriers listed below have been rigorously tested and checked throughout the manufacturing process, in consultation with industries and their requirements. We also worked with world renowned packaging testing organisation TÜV SÜD Product Service GmbH to test the carrier’s thermal capabilities. They found our insulated carriers can maintain temperatures of 2 - 8⁰C degrees for an average of up to 12 hours. Our largest medical carriers (PYTB3 30 litre internal capacity) performed beyond expectations, preserving the temperature for over 20 hours.  We tested our products extensively, in various ambient conditions.  The below gives guidance to the performance of each carrier in their prescribed conditions:



Sample Substitute (Litres)

Cooling Packs Grammes (Config)

Ambient Temperature

*Time before exceeding 8 degrees

Versapak Small Blood-in-Transit Bag

1 litre water

800g (2x 400g)

22 Degrees

12hrs 23min

35 Degrees

4hrs 7min

Versapak Large Blood-in-Transit Bag

1.5 litres water


(2x 600g, 1x 400g)

22 degrees

10hrs 19min

35 degrees

6hrs 13min

Versapak Small Insulated Medical Carrier

1.5 litres water

950g (1x 950g)

22 degrees

7hrs 46min

35 degrees

3hrs 44min

Versapak Medium Insulated Medical Carrier

5 litres water

2,250g (3x 750g)

22 degrees

15hrs 50min

35 degrees

7hrs 28min

Versapak Large Insulated Medical Carrier

7 litres water

3,300g (3x 1,100g)

22 degrees

20hrs 11min

35 degrees

9hrs 18min


All tests initiated with cooling packs frozen to -18 degrees. Additionally, sample substitute, carriers and any thermal barriers were conditioned to 4 degrees. For a complete copy of the test report, click here.


*The above is a guide. Modifications can be made based on the intended use and desired outcome for your intended use case. Preconditioning contents and carrier is advised.


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