About Us

We are Versapak International Ltd and we are here to help businesses store and transport documents and sensitive items. Our reusable and tamper evident bags are used by leading companies in many industries throughout the world.  

Our History

In 1973, we launched our namesake product, the Versapak; a simple, yet effective reusable mailing pouch.  The Versapak has a locking chamber that is secured with a small seal.  If the seal is broken the user will know that the contents has been tampered with. 

The Versapak became known for being secure, durable and cost effective, and was soon widely accepted by postal systems and courier companies throughout the world.  We now offer a range of tamper evident reusable bags and pouches, along with a host of mailroom furniture and equipment.  

Our Clients

Over the past forty years, we’ve built up a fantastic customer base and once companies start working with us they tend to stick around.  We have been supplying durable mail pouches to the postal service for decades now and have developed lasting relationships with postal companies throughout the world.  Our medical bags have also been transporting specimens and important medical records for nearly forty years and our expertise in this area has led to lasting contracts with the NHS, private hospitals and overseas institutions.  Our secure, tamper evident bags are also widely used within the banking industry, as well as by retail giants such as M&S and Next. 

In January 2014 we were awarded a Royal Warrant of Appointment to Her Majesty the Queen in recognition of the high standard and quality of provisions supplied to the Royal Households.  Please click here for more information.

Our Factory

We manufacture all sewn bags exclusively in our wholly owned factory in Europe, where all cutting, sewing, welding, and printing takes place. All work is handled by our 95-strong workforce, with 40 skilled machinists producing an average of 1.2 million bags annually.

All plastic components relating to our sewn bags are also manufactured in our European factory - this includes zip pullers, seal chambers, and our T2 Seals, T Seals, Button Seals and Arrow Seals used to seal the bags for tamper evidence.


Versapak is committed to managing the impacts our actions have and are based on 3 fundamental initiatives:

  • How we work with our customers
  • How we operate with suppliers
  • How we conduct ourselves internally

From the day employees join our company and even beyond their service to Versapak, we provide knowledge and guidance based on best practices and deliver business growth, opportunity and achievement.

Our sustainable strategy

Our Vision is to "make everything we do in business, secure a future for all businesses" and our mission is to "be the advocate of reusable / renewables by making them our values, our core element to trading and foundation of everyday operations".   Our products, services, suppliers and company operations are maximising reusability and efficiency on a daily basis.  From the recycling of wasted injection moulded parts in the factory, to encouraging and rewarding the return of the used ‘single use’ plastics for re-introduction into the manufacturing process.  We carefully measure the consumption of raw materials and work hard to improve output, whilst ensuring our suppliers are also responsible in their part of the supply-chain process.

 Our strategy is formed of three principles

  • Reuse
  • Renew
  • Recycle

We encourage all stakeholders to participate in our sustainability efforts, as part of our journey to become better and we have designed the ‘Versapak Sustainability Initiatives’.  These are an array of activities in our daily operations for us to understand, optimise, improve what we do.  The initiatives are widespread, if we can affect another organisation, then we take the lead and encourage others to our way of thinking.

To find out more about our strategy and activities, visit our sustainability page at Versapak International.com

Our bags, made to your requirements

Versapak is a solution provider.  Helping our customers to safely transport and store their goods and documents is what we do best.  Our experience with hundreds of blue chip companies across numerous industries makes us confident that we can help you to meet your needs.  If we don’t have the perfect product for you then we can make it to your exact requirements using our made-to-order service.  We can also print all of our bags to include company logos and other information, regardless of whether you opt for standard or custom made options.  Because we have our own factory we don't impose large minimum order quantities and our lead times are very short.  All of our sewn bags can be used over 2,000 times and come with a five year guarantee.

Our furniture, for your mailroom

Tamper evident bags aside, we also supply mailroom furniture and it is built to last using hard-wearing, robust materials.  All furniture is designed especially for mailroom environments so the whole range is sturdy yet practical.  We supply everything from mailsort units to benches and cupboards. 

We would love to hear from you

Please contact us or visit our frequently asked questions section if you would like more information.


Versapak International Limited is registered in England: No 03566179.

Registered Office: 4 Veridion Way, Erith, Kent, DA18 4AL