Food Delivery Solutions

Food Delivery Backpack by bicycle

Food delivery is fast becoming a global phenomenon with organisations across the world offering fresh food to your door. At Versapak, we have pioneered food delivery secure backpacks and holdalls featuring easy carry handles and/or shoulder straps and a ruck sack style for comfortably carrying on a bicycle. Our carriers are robust and hard wearing, maintaining the internal temperature while keeping contents protected. They are also lightweight and weatherproof, ideal for everyday delivery needs.

Secure and Tamper Evident For Business

Everyday, more and more of us are choosing to use online food delivery services. From grocery shopping to new food delivery app aggregates, however, each are using third party couriers, the gig economy of delivery drivers; leaving your product in their hands. We offer a simple, yet foolproof method for offering your customers assurance that the contents have not been tampered with. Each carrier is equipped with a patented Versapak T2 Security System that accepts a unique, individualised security seal. Once placed, there is no way to open the carrier without showing evidence of tampering. When using third party couriers to deliver your goods, we believe this would offer your customer 'peace-of-mind' that their delivery is intact, since leaving your hands.

proliferation of food delivery organisations


Whether by car or on a bicycle / motorcycle, we can offer solutions to suit your business needs. Comfort handles and a shoulder strap is an ideal way when transporting in a vehicle, or by foot. Or choose the Backpack if delivered by bicycle courier. The padded shoulder straps add comfort for the rider, especially on those long distances

Versapak Food Delivery Carrier


  • Robust, weather proof material Nylon PVC
  • Handy shoulder straps for carry holdall or backpack if using on a bicycle or motorbike
  • Isoflect Aluminium Foil & Air Bubble lining that helps maintain the temperature
  • 5 year guarantee
  • Accepts Versapak T2 Security Seals for tamper evident transportation


Looking for something special?

If you're looking for something a little more specific for your organisation, we can help. We can design any carrier for any occasion. Why not ask us what we can do. We’ll give you a free quote and talk to your business about making a sample. If this doesn't quite appeal to you, then how about our bespoke service with a minimum order of just 20 carriers. That’s right. Now there's no reason not to reach out and talk with one of our friendly customer service advisers. Just contact us today


To find out how we can help your business.

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