Versapak Button Amnesty

Isn't it time you switched?


We think the time has come for you to make the switch, and join countless others in welcoming a Tamper Evident security seal for the 21st Century: The Versapak T2 Security Seal.

Why not send us your used and unused Button Seals now and we'll recycle them for you before starting you on your journey with our very best tamper evident security solution! It doesn't matter if they are a Versapak Button Seal or a button seal supplied by another company. We will still accept and recycle if you send back


recycled seal

But why recycle my existing button seals?

Yes, sending back your button seals may leave you without a security solution.  Well, we want to make it worth your while, if you return your button seals, we'll give you a 10% discount voucher off of all our T2 Security Seals and T2 Bundles.  Additionally, you'll be first in line to order the new Versapak 'Recycled' Security Seal.


Yes, a *100% Recycled Seal!

*Available Spring 2019 

This pioneering solution from Versapak is part of the new Sustainability Strategy and will save the enviroment from 1,000's of tonnes of plastic heading for landfill rubbish.

But you'll need to act fast! The button amnesty and discount voucher is only available until the 31st December 2018, so be sure to take us up on this offer before it ends!


Why upgrade to the Versapak T2 Security Seal?

The T2 Security Seal is our latest innovation for securing your sensitive items in a tamper evident manner. It's 40 years in the making since the very first button security seal and surpasses its predecessor in so many ways:

  • Features 2 locking feet that overlap the zip puller which makes for extra security, tamper evidence and peace-of-mind
  • Its unique patented design comes with a larger surface which makes for easier scanning and readability of barcodes and numbers
  • Its design makes it easier to use and take off, especially if you're wearing gloves
  • Available in tamper evident sequential numbers or barcodes

How can I join this initative? 

It's easy, just email and let us know you have button seals you wish to return and we'll issue a returns approval to send us your seals.  Once received we'll give you a 10% discount voucher code to be used to order your new T2 Seals and T2 bundles.



Be sure to check out our range of T2 bundles below for an idea of what your 10% discount could go towards!

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  1. Versapak Bulk Mail Pouches with Gusset Great Savings Bundle
    Versapak Bulk Mail Pouches with Gusset Great Savings Bundle
    From £160.44
  2. Versapak Flat Mail Pouch Bundle
    Versapak Flat Mail Pouch Bundle
    From £122.88
  3. Versapak Secure Cash Bag Bundles
    Versapak Secure Cash Bag Bundles
    From £80.87
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